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Links and Resources
This page provides links to the BLM sites, other wild horse sites, medical information, etc. Sites that will interest ALL horse owners. If there are any other any web sites that you think need to be listed here, please let us know. More will be added as they come up.


All Vegas Horses
Everything equestrian in southern Nevada.


American Trail Trial-Horsemen's Association
ATTA is an association that promotes the sports of horseback trail riding and trail trial riding and provides recognition and awards programs for riders. Trial trial rides traditionally include trail obstacles for novice, intermediate, and advanced horseback riders and horses and also include noncompetitive riders. Non-members are welcome on all ATTA trail trial rides. Trail trials are a great place for you and your horse to ride new country, meet great people, and have fun with family and friends while trying fun and challenging obstacles on the trail.


BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Program

The BLM manages wild horses and burros as part of its overall mission to manage the public lands for multiple uses. In carrying out this multiple-use mission, as set forth by Federal law, the BLM works to ensure that the number of free-roaming animals is consistent with the land's capacity to

support them.


BLM Adoption Application
Download a copy of the BLM Adoption Application (PDF Format).


BLM Adoption Requirements
Providing a home for a wild horse or burro is a challenging and rewarding experience. For qualified individuals, this is a unique opportunity to care for, then own, a "Living Legend" -- a symbol of American history -- a wild horse or burro. This document answers the most frequently asked questions about adopting a wild horse or burro.


BLM Adoption Schedule
The BLM's adoption schedule.


BLM Directory
Contact information for national and state offices.


BLM How to Read a Freezemark

The BLM uses freeze marking to identify wild horses and burros that have been gathered from the public rangelands due to overpopulation. Freeze marking is a permanent, unalterable, and painless way to identify each horse as an individual. It is applied on the left side of the neck.


BLM Internet Adoption Program
Information and schedules for the BLM's Internet Adoption Program.


BLM Monthly National Wild Horse and Burro Statistics

Monthly gather, adoption, holding, and sales statistics.


BLM Wild Horse and Burro Newsletter
The site of the Official Newsletter of the National Wild Horse and Burro Program.


Bay Area Equestrian Network

The Bay Area Equestrian Network (BAEN) is a regional directory that helps you find horses, services and products in the Bay area. This service is provided free of charge for California-based equine businesses, organizations and individuals.


California Wild Horse And Burro Show

The purpose of the California Wild Horse And Burro Show is to promote the wild horse and burro adoption programs, to show the general public that these horses & burros are indeed worth our protection and that they do turn out to be a wonderful animal, and to enjoy the camaraderie of other wild horse and burro enthusiasts.


Equine Affaire
Equine Affaire produces the nationís leading educational horse expositions with annual events in the Northeast, the Midwest, and the West.



GiddyUpFlix allows you to rent DVDs for a LOW Monthly Membership Fee, NO LATE FEES, Keep the DVDs as LONG AS YOU WANT and NO SHIPPING FEES! This allows you to view the lessons at your own pace without worrying about when to return them. You can take the time you need to review the training methods and practice them with your horse until you feel you are ready to return the DVD in the prepaid shipping envelope.


Happy Acre Sanctuary

Happy Acre Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to creating a humane and compassionate alternative for difficult-to-place, special needs, abused, abandoned, and homeless pets. Happy Acre Animal Sanctuary is a Nevada State nonprofit animal rescue shelter located just over the California/Nevada border in Pahrump, Nevada.


Horse Council of Nevada

The purposes of the HCON are to promote and foster interest in, and awareness of, the horse industry in the State of Nevada; to aid in the protection and care of horses; to guide and stimulate interest in equestrian sports and recreation; to develop facility and safety standards in connection with the use of horses; to actively engage in forums to originate and influence legislation favorable to the horseman, horsewoman and the equine industry in the State; to gather and disseminate information in connection with the above purposes; and to do any and all lawful things within the meaning of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the state of Nevada to effectuate such purposes.


Merck Veterinary Manual
The Merck Veterinary Manual (MVM) has served veterinarians and other animal health professionals as a concise and reliable animal health reference for over 45 years. The first MVM was published in 1955 and introduced at the annual meeting of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Mustang Heritage Foundation
The Mustang Heritage Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) public, charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating successful adoptions for Americaís excess mustangs and burros. Founded in 2001, its mission is to help promote the Bureau of Land Managementís National Wild Horse and Burro Program and increase the number of successful adoptions.


National Mustang Association
The National Mustang Association was established in 1965 to ensure the survival of the wild Mustang. Our goal is to help these symbols of the Old West continue to lead a natural, free-roaming existence.


Save the Mustangs (Ford)

Help preserve the wild Mustang legacy by supporting "Save the Mustangs"-a fund created by Ford Motor Company in collaboration with the United States Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Department of the Interior - Take Pride in America. The fund allows us all to help ensure the future sustainability of these wild horses.


Shiloh Horse Rescue

Shiloh rescues abused, unwanted, neglected, and slaughter bound horses of all types.

Shiloh attends slaughter auctions and rescues horses from the killer buyers, bring the horses home to Shiloh Ranch, rehabilitate, and adopt them out to new homes.


Southern California Equestrian Network

The Southern California Equestrian Network is an all-breed, all-discipline regional directory that helps you find horses, services and products in Southern California.

This service is provided free of charge for California-based equine businesses, organizations and individuals.


Vegas Animal Rescue
The 411 website for Vegas animal lovers. A new Las Vegas Animal Rescue website. The former VegasK9Rescue site has been expanded to include all animals needing rescue.


Western States Wild Horse & Burro Expo
Western States Wild Horse & Burro Expo is a non-profit, all-volunteer, annual event dedicated to promoting America's Historical Treasures, our Mustangs and Burros.


Western States Horse Expo

500 horses, 40 different breeds, five acres of barns & corrals, tons of seminars, the largest selection of horse trailers to choose from in the world and 520 additional exhibitors in our Mane Market Mall for a shopping experience beyond compare in quality and quantity in this country.


The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971
The text of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 including amendments.


Wild Horse Adoption Association of America



Wild Horse Country

If you do not want to have Wild Horses or other grazing livestock enter your
property, you are required by law (NRS569.440 and NRS 569.431) to put up a
perimeter fence. The law prevents an owner who does not have a perimeter fence
from requesting that authorities capture and remove the livestock.