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Horse and Adopter:

Dennis Brown & Zoe


Dennis Brown and his wife Linda always liked horses. Like many of us he loved watching them run free and admired that. When they heard of our association, it was in part because we had a filly that was being turned back and needed a new home. He wanted her bad but missed out in adopting her by just a few hours. He was very upset and was reassured by our President that unfortunately we get more turn backs than we like and another might come along soon.

Well, a few months went by and we posted a picture of another filly that had come back. He immediately got on the phone and inquired. When Dennis and Linda came to visit her, it was love at first sight. Soon the NWHA was delivering her to Boulder City. She is happy and healthy and learning something new everyday.

Dennis and Linda are dedicated people and come to all the post adoption clinics that we have on the 3rd Sat of every month. Every time they show up with a big smile on their face and brag, as happy adopters do, about what she had learned this month and how strong their bond has become.

We hope everyone that owns a mustang, or horse, knows the love that Zoe has brought to Dennis and Linda.


The Story:

he Bond - By Dennis Brown

I ride in the desert,
on Zoe a horse,
a mustang God Gave me
only she knows the course.

She’s tall and she’s lanky,
her eye’s are of brown,
she’s able and willing
but sometimes a clown.

Her mane and tail
are a sight to behold,
they wave as the flag does,
fluent and bold.

Her stride is steadfast,
like an eagle takes flight.
The path is narrow,
she keeps heaven in sight.

There’s a mark on her neck,
a cold brand I am told,
put there by man,
her history unfolds.

Born in a herd
that runs wild and free,
I wonder how long
that freedom will be.

Man takes their land
from which they roam,
a gift God gave them
to call their home.

A friend and companion
she’s been since we met.
I wonder sometimes
if she has any regret.

I look in her eyes,
deep to the soul,
where I find true, true freedom
only a mustang can hold.

A piece of America
stands by my side,
this little brown mustang
wild with pride.

When I leave this earth
please God let it be,
together in heaven,
little Zoe and me.





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