Profile of Cherokee and Guy...


Horse and Adopter:

Cherokee & Guy


Cherokee adopted Guy at the 2002 adoption. Guy is a board member, adopter, and helps with the foals we get in every year - thanks to Guy for all of his help and of course for letting Cherokee adopt him.

Guy is 85 years young, he was adopted by a horse that knew that the love of horses knows no age boundaries.

The Story:

The Adoption of Cherokee - By Guy Teeter

I've been around horses most of my life. Among those I've seen were Buckskin horses in rodeos and horse shows.

I've always loved those pretty Buckskins with their black and white manes and tails, but I didn't have the means or place to keep one.

Someone was watching over me because the BLM brought some foals to an arena to care for until time for adoption. Among them was a scrawny young foal I spotted, he was a Buckskin and I said "He will be mine." I filed for adoption papers and had an approved corral.

At adoption time I put in my bid and was afraid someone would top my bid, but luck and my Guardian Angel were on my side, so I now have my pretty boy Cherokee, and we have bonded. I hug him every day.

So, that is why I adopted my pretty boy Cherokee, he is my whole life here. Of course most of you know I love all horses where ever they are! They are my life!

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